domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016


I have chosen this article because it talks about health and sport. It tell us about a disease call CTE that affects our brain and it was known to occur in people who had experienced repeated hits to the head, such as boxers, hockey players, wrestlers and military veterans — usually as they enter their 40s to 70s. However, a disturbing new study now reports CTE in a young college football player.

CTE is short for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. It is one of several diseases caused by changes to a brain protein called “tau”. After head trauma, tau proteins can change.

In CTE, tau proteins begin to change in the prefrontal cortex. This area — located right behind the forehead — is involved with decision-making, emotion and behaviour. So CTE victims are likely to become moody, aggressive and depressed. Some commit suicide, or attempt to do so.

This man I mentioned before had played football for 16 years. He had received too many head traumas. A major concussion during his first year of college led to headaches, blurred vision, memory loss and insomnia. He stopped playing football and also he left university.

However, problems continued and the young man died of a heart attack at age 25. His family agreed to let researchers examine his brain. Researchers believe that he had died because of a post-concussion syndrome. Nobody could imagine that his brain had developed CTE until they opened it. He was too young. In addition, Tau tangles tied up cells in 10 regions of the brain. They had never before found it to be so widespread in someone as young as this man.

This team reported its findings on January 4 in JAMA Neurology.

I have chosen this piece of news because nowadays everybody is very concerned about health and sport. I found then very interesting and this is something curious that all people could enjoy reading. 

Published by Antonio Villarejo 

martes, 2 de febrero de 2016


I am going to talk about “smart” windows wich could save energy. I have chosen this article because I am interested in alternative energy sources which do not pollute the environment.

A chemical engineer at the East China University of Science and Technology has invented a window that changes its transparency to save energy. He designed a new liquid that sandwiches between two panes of window glass. So in summer, when heat just boosts cooling costs, you change its transparency blocking out some light.

Renewable energy is increasingly competitive with conventional sources of energy. In addition, thousands of jobs in both manufacturing and installation, maintenance and marketing, which contribute greatly to the economy are created.

Published by Thelma Gallardo

lunes, 25 de enero de 2016


Scientists discover former football player had developed serious brain damage

Well, I have chosen this article because I’m very into sport and I love being informed about all that means new discoveres or information of my sport, (handball) and others.
This article speaks about the hits in football. A new study has discovered that too many fotball hits can make some changes in the brain. Our brain has tau cells, which move nutrients and other materials from one part of a cell to another. But after head trauma, tau proteins can change. They may form thread-like tangles that jam up the transport system. The problem is this important change in our brain can produce Alzheimer’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) which make people more agressive, moody and depressed. Then, the article speaks about a footballer, who started to have a symptoms of CTE, (imnsonia, memory loss, blurred visión, etc) but he is still playing. Then, he started to have hurts and problems, so he quit the game… after some studies, he died with a heart-attack with only 25 years old. Since his death, the study continued until our days.
Now, this discovery shows us that have too many hits in football can make our brain vulnerable to some diseases… and it helps us to know what sports we can do or what sports we can do but having more caution, because the health is the first, and we can’t make sport (synonym of healthy life) a danger for our lives.
Published by Luna Cruz Vivas

domingo, 24 de enero de 2016


I have chosen this article because I think it is an incredible story that shows us that there aren´t any obstacles which stop your lifestyle if you are strong.
This article relates how the first rescue tiger is released back into the wild and then has cubs of her own. This is a really important fact because those cubs mark the beginnings of a recovery and expansion of the last remaining Amur tiger population into habitat lost years ago.
.This investigation it is important because these births mark the return of tigers to habitat that had been lost and also conservation groups are working to further increase the number of these tigers in the wild because it is terrible that wonderful species like this are in extinction.

Published by: Irene Falcón


I have chosen this article because it was related to the body and the health. The news is about recent researches in running and doing exercise.

One of the three, articles talked about a man that work in a lab with lizards. He used to train the lizards in a treadmill and found that equal to the humans, they improved when the exercise was harder. The objective of the investigation was to demonstrate that steroids are harmful to the body. The scientific for it, train a lot the lizards and saw that the energy used to train decreased their reproductive and immune systems. This was the notice that I liked more, because I asked me how the scientific make the lizards to train.

The second researcher was about tools for the runner to prevent injury and study the behavior of the body while running. The last one, talked about how trains the astronauts in zero gravity. They get it with the help of sophisticated machines.

These three researches could improved in the future the ways to run and may be the option that people with difficulties to walk, could train with the machines that they are making.

Link to see the news:

Published by: Samuel Medina

martes, 19 de enero de 2016

Heart damage linked to obesity in kids

Of all the issues proposed on the page, I decided to choose Heart damage linked to obesity in kids, because I identify with these children, I was little overweight and had never managed to look good.

Recent studies in children mainly 8 years old, are overweight, which causes the growth of the heart of an unhealthy way, which can cause heart disease. His team used magnetic resonance imaging, to take pictures of 40 kids’ hearts. The children were all between 8 and 18 years old. Half were obese, meaning overweight to an unhealthy degree.

The left ventricle is responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood to the body. In overweight children this is a difficult and quite dangerous, doctors may try but is something that must be corrected both at home and at school. Only change of mindset and willpower to feel good about yourself.

Overweight is very abundant throughout the world and it has been due to advances in technology and fast foods.
Published by Inmaculada Villalbos